All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten:

Church community rallies around young family

All that school mumbo jumbo? Turns out it really can’t hold a candle to the wisdom of kindergarten. A group of amateur actors, from seniors to recent college graduates, many of whom have never acted on the stage before, presented a dramatic production of Robert Fulgum’s bestselling book and donated all the proceeds.

Although this group is drawn together from all walks of life – professionals, farmers, trades people and home makers – they learned together the wit and wisdom of Fulgum’s book.

Spurred on by Director Etty Broer, the intrepid performers mastered their lines. The stories resonated with the personal experiences of many in the production. You could see it in the eyes of the watchers and the watched – from the shy little boy who insists on playing a pig in Cinderella, to the man who flies over Los Angeles in an aluminum chair and weather balloons, to the mother of the bride who graciously adapts to an unexpected disaster. Every story celebrates each person’s uniqueness.

The first two performances were held in the Tillsonburg Christian Reformed Church, March 26 and 27. Proceeds from these evenings were donated to Community Advocates Tillsonburg, which helps provide transportation for adults with developmental disabilities in the Town of Tillsonburg.

Barn collapse
Sunday, March 29, just two days after the final performance, the plight of a family from the Tillsonburg congregation was shared during the service. Joel and Amy Van Gurp and their three young children had moved to a pig farm in PEI in January, one of the harshest winters on record. The weight of over 17 feet of snow caused the barn roof to collapse March 22. In Ontario, some beautiful children’s hearts connected messages in the Fulgham play with the plight of the family who had recently moved away. “Share,” “hold hands” and “understand and reflect the light” resonated with the Renkema children, who asked, “Mom, can we do the play one more time and have the proceeds go to the family?” Clearly the word ‘LOOK,’ which the kindergarten class had difficulty spelling correctly, also took on a much larger view! “When we want to see God, we have to LOOK for him, and when we LOOK for him, we will see him!”

In three days, 20 people plus the cast and crew rallied together, everyone needing to be on board to make a benefit performance possible in such short notice. As one participant said, “We know what it’s like to start on a farm. We know it’s hard. We just did what God calls us to do. All glory and honour go to God!” 

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