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Rooted & Growing wraps up with gratitude

The need for donations to continue our journalism ministry is real, and we are thankful for the generous giving, prayers and support from our community.

Rooted & Growing wraps up with gratitude

Section of painting "Rock of Ages" by Elizabeth Nanninga of Barrhaven Fellowship CRC, Ottawa.

Five months ago, CC launched its Rooted & Growing donation appeal. The need for donations to continue our journalism ministry is real, and we are thankful for the generous giving, prayers and support from our community. At the time of writing this we are still reaching towards our $25,000 goal, and celebrate each dollar that has been given. 

Since the campaign started, we’ve had some other news to celebrate. This June CC received nine awards from the Canadian Church Press and Word (Guild) Awards, demonstrating the quality of Christian journalism in these pages. Editor Angela Reitsma Bick was invited to join the Executive leadership team of the Canadian Church Press, which held its AGM this year in Quebec City. 

There have been some other changes as well – some staff and columnists have moved homes, changed jobs or expanded their families through a new baby or marriage. This year we welcomed two new columnists, including Katie Munnik – who just won a £10k book publishing deal through UK-based Borough Press on September 12. Congratulations, Katie! 

CC is seeing modest, organic growth online. A free weekly email newsletter continues to see an increase in subscribers with more than 100 new sign ups this year. The Facebook page is engaging new people (often helped by your “like” or share), with some posts reaching more than 3,000 people. 

As we continue to build sustainability, CC staff has been developing relationships with existing and new advertisers and sharing more organizational stories with Sponsored Content (look for some in our Oct. 23 issue). 

Angela’s editorial on page 4 talks about her vision for CC. Your thoughts are always welcome at Among our favourite feedback is hearing how people use and talk about CC in their daily lives. We recently heard the story of a Christian school meeting where someone spoke highly of CC and recommended that everyone in the room subscribe. In Cobourg, a group uses CC as Bible study material. As the lively Letters page shows, there is no shortage of thought-provoking material to discuss! We invite you to continue sharing with us how CC plays a part in your life.  

About the Author
Rooted & Growing wraps up with gratitude

Jennifer Neutel, Development Manager/Social Media Editor

Jennifer Neutel joined the CC team as Development Manager and Social Media Editor in 2016 – roles that align with her passion to see independent, faith-based media thrive. Part of her work is building CC's revenue streams: advertising, donations and subscriptions. Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Journalism from Carleton University and is a certified social media strategist. She lives in Cobourg, Ontario, with her husband and two young boys.

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