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CC asking donors and readers to support Christian journalism

Donation campaign launches to sustain CC's independent journalism ministry

CC asking donors and readers to support Christian journalism

While Christian publications and websites are closing down around us in Canada, Christian Courier has been able to continue its mission thanks to loyal readers and generous donors. 

“Our Christian Courier Board was ahead of its time years ago when they decided to set up the newspaper as a charity,” says Angela Reitsma Bick, editor of CC. “It has enabled CC to obtain generous donations at a time when important Christian publications have been forced to close down.” 

“It’s hard to overstate the importance that our donors and advertisers make to Christian Courier,” adds Reitsma Bick, who has been the Editor of the paper for eight years. 

In that time, many publications like Christian Week have moved online, while others, such as the Presbyterian Record, The Western Catholic Reporter and Books & Culture, have shut down.

You can help us meet our goal of $25,000 to support thoughtful Reformed journalism, engage quality writers and columnists, expand our coverage and propel our outreach efforts to bring our stories to more people.

Why support us now? 
The faith-based media landscape is shrinking. “Fake news” and alternative facts proliferate. There is an overwhelming amount of news content readily available online. Help us continue to be a trusted, independent source of faith-based journalism in your life and the lives of others. 

How to get involved:
Your donations make a substantial difference in our ability to continue publishing. Currently, donations account for approximately 10 percent of CC’s revenue. To continue and expand, we are looking to increase that but need your help. 

CC is a national charity. Your donation will receive a tax receipt. Show your support and be an early adopter through making your donation today!

  • A $40 donation will help us give a gift subscription to a Christian school library  
  • A $100 donation will help us pay for a feature article
  • A $500 donation will help fund our event coverage, marketing, development and outreach efforts

Ways to donate: 

Visit our Canada Helps page to donate quickly and efficiently online – found by searching Christian Courier at or via the donate button at 

Mail your cheque, payable to Christian Courier to: 2 Aiken St, St Catharines ON  L2N 1V8.

Phone Rose: 1-800-969-4838

In addition to your giving, we encourage you to write in and share why you read and support CC. What role does CC play in your life? These notes of encouragement will be featured in upcoming issues and on our website and social media channels. Send them to

Why a maple tree? 

Our campaign logo – a maple tree – was selected for many reasons. Being a Canadian newspaper, the maple tree connects with the 150th anniversary of Canada. The roots of the tree represent our long-time subscribers and supporters, without whom our independent, distinctively Reformed journalism would not be possible. Since 1945, CC has been sharing important events, news and analysis. We want to flourish for another 70 years and more – engaging new generations, including grandchildren and great-grandchildren of original subscribers. Leaves in this drawing signify the fact that CC is also continually growing – in our coverage, contributors, outreach and effort to thoughtfully utilize technology and media platforms.

Lastly, the maple keys. Before winter, a maple tree releases its “spinners” (or “helicopters” – the seed pods off the tree). CC’s website and social media is being used by readers to share our articles with wider audiences; our articles spin off in directions we never would have expected, planting small seeds that may grow into conversations or conversions, Lord willing.  

If you own a business you can support CC
If you or your organization can provide a matching funds grant, share a donation advertisement or description in your communication, or have other ideas to benefit this campaign, we invite you to connect with Jennifer Neutel: 

About the Author
CC asking donors and readers to support Christian journalism

Jennifer Neutel, Development Manager/Social Media Editor

Jennifer Neutel joined the CC team as Development Manager and Social Media Editor in 2016 – roles that align with her passion to see independent, faith-based media thrive. Part of her work is building CC's revenue streams: advertising, donations and subscriptions. Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Journalism from Carleton University and is a certified social media strategist. She lives in Cobourg, Ontario, with her husband and two young boys.

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