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April 14, 2014

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Brian Walsh

The painting on page 1, “The Road to Emmaus” based on Luke 24, is by Daniel Bonnell. His complete works are available at Image used here by permission of the artist.

It wasn’t surprising that they had decided to leave the city.
Jerusalem had again failed to live up to its name.
Bloodshed, not peace, had been raining in this city for years,
and the last couple of days had been just more of the same.
Another round of arrests,
more beatings and corrupt trials,
another group of crucifixions,
more violence in the police state,
yet another ...Full Story

Peter Hoytema

Pastors spend more time attending funerals than most people do. Realizing that must have been what prompted someone to ask me an interesting question recently. He noticed that pastors often ride to the cemetery in a car driven by a funeral director and he asked, “What do you guys talk about when you ride together?” He was surprised when I told him that we tend to discuss the same things everyone else does: the weather, current events, the latest celebrity gossip (the last one not so much).  
His question reminded me of a car ride conversation I had ...Full Story

We’re not quite sure what to do with that long Saturday, bounded by the vulnerability of Good Friday and the victory of Easter Sunday. It’s ...Full Story

Reclaiming our first love  our small group digs through Revelation 2 and talks about social justice and our place in this world. We worry about the rhetoric and exaggeration ...Full Story

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