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Things last

Curt wrote this poem in Iqaluit, the capital of Nunavut, on a visit with Betsey to their daughter Elisabeth in early September. Sailingajunga means “contentment,” as close as he could find to “shalom.”

Things last

things last
almost beyond belief
tides return, retreat.
the forever rocks,
   boulders, shelves, ridges – 
   a land of rock.
flowers battered down 
   avens and bistort,
berries battered down 
   to earth, sand and
all thriftily using whatever grace gives
to changeless cold and wind-blown life.

(wind, water and cold rock)

bits of plastic, butts, cans
without rot or recycled hope. 
skidoo skeletons      
rest uneasily
   and spin not nor toil.
the wind buffets.
spirited folk walk
with downcast eyes or smiles askew  
     toothless gums
leaning against
wind, water and rock.
and still there are 
spirited smiles of a new generation
sent by God or gods 
sacrificed by times
foes and forces that beat 
in vain against
wind, water and rock. 

things last 
   but not quite
beyond belief
heralding hope and 
quiet sailingajunga.  

About the Author
Things last

Curt Gesch, Columnist

Curt Gesch is a farmer and writer living in Quick, B.C. He is a writer on environmental and agricultural topics. He and his wife Betsey attend the Anglican Church in Quick, which has a wood stove, no electricity, no bathroom, and which seats 33 people.