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Kuyvenhoven, Karel

Be still and know that I am God.
Our loving and precious dad, Karel Kuyvenhoven, passed away on May 9, in his 89th year. 
Dad was born in Naaldwijk, Westland and was happily married to Truus† (Griffieon), for almost 59 years. 
Karel was a founding member of the Ontario Flower Growers Co-op and Brampton 2nd CRC. Dad served his Lord in school boards, HCH board, and on church council with integrity, compassion and faithfulness. 
Dad loved music and sang in choirs, played his trumpet and enjoyed his organ. 
We thank God for our dad and the rich blessing he and mom were to their six children: 
 James & Nancy,  Margaret & Frank, Corry & Kaes,  Henry & Rosy, Andy & Mary, Vincent & Janna.
17 "Grands" and 19 "Greats".
Correspondence: Andy and Mary Kuyvenhoven 
255 Arthur St.
Acton ON  L7J IM2