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Evert and Tine DeRuiter

4. Ad Content :  1950   October 12  2015

As a family we are extremely thankful that God has allowed 65 years of married life to
Evert and Tine de Ruiter

It has been beautiful for us to see two different lives and personalities fit so well together!
Lots of love from:
Tom and Deb de Ruiter
 Mike and Becky de Ruiter (Luke)
 Joanna and Jonathan Baxter
 Dave and Chelsea de Ruiter (Noah and Wyatt)
 Lindsay and Jason Bye (Isabel)
 Laura and Jonathan Chiarot
Jennifer de Ruiter
Brian and Janet de Ruiter
 Tine de Ruiter
 Eric and Kendra de Ruiter
 Michelle de Ruiter

Home address:   Apt. 707 Peace Tower,  45 Kingknoll Drive,    Brampton, ON   L6Y 5P2