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A Reformed Biweekly
April 14, 2014
Who we are
Christian Courier is an independent Christian newspaper that serves as a vital forum for Christians of all ages who want to engage our culture. It's a must-read for anyone who wants to stay in touch with the activities of fellow Christians across the globe, and with current reformed thinking here on our own continent.
What we do
  • We cover the news that you won’t get in the mainstream media, such as the pro-life movement; we feature the insight of Christian thinkers both in academia and without; and we highlight the daily struggles and joys of living faithfully for God today.
  • Christian Courier’s editors carry on the Reformed vision in what they choose to print: topics ranging from politics to culture to home life, which represents our engagement with every part of God’s kingdom. Christian Courier can be a filter for the nearly-overwhelming amount of online news, which often does not come with careful sources or through a meaningful selection process.
  • Christian Courier connects you with a community of believers.
Mission statement
Christian Courier is an independent bi-weekly that seeks to engage creatively in critical Christian journalism, connecting Christians with a network of culturally savvy partners in faith for the purpose of inspiring all to participate in God's renewing work within his fallen creation.

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